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Jomo KenyattaJomo Kenyatta is a photographer, explorer and producer whose received critical acclaim for his work within and around the Caribbean Region. A passionate photographer since his youth, Kenyatta has over 25 years of photographic experience. Kenyatta studied at Kean University in Union NJ, and then furthered his photographic interests at Northern Virginia Community College in Arlington, VA.  Jomo Kenyatta, known as “PhotoJomo” has gained a significant following by exhibiting his work, conducting lectures and workshops. He is the visionary and founder of The Caribbean Unseen project, www.caribbeanunseen.com. The Caribbean Unseen, a work in progress is a multi-media educational visual arts project that highlights and preserves “rarely seen” and “uncommon” aspects of Caribbean History, Geography, Culture and Lifestyle. Kenyatta’s work has been showcased throughout the Northeast and has ambitious plans to showcase his work through an international tour exhibition.

Kenyatta whose heritage can be traced to Barbados was born in New Jersey and first became intrigued with photography while attending Junior High School in South Orange, NJ.  He attributes his initial intrigue into photography to his mother. He often tells this interesting and true story of the time he told his mother that he wanted to take some pictures at his middle school graduation in South Orange, NJ. He recalls his ultimate objective was to get pictures of Valerie, a pretty girl who was relocating to another state. His mother, while in Valerie's presence told Jomo that she forgot how to operate the infamous Minolta SRT 101 camera. After some fiddling around with the camera she directs him to what she thinks is the shutter button, but Jomo says he later found out what she had thought was the shutter button was actually the aperture preview button. To add insult to injury, when Jomo requested that the perceived images be taken to get developed, his mother accidentally exposed the film. From that day forward he promised himself that he would never ask his mother anything pertaining to the operation of a camera again. Kenyatta’s quest began from that experience.

Jomo Kenyatta is the founder of Jomo Kenyatta Productions LLC. Jomo has a strong desire to introduce people from all walks of life to the hidden beauty and distinctly unique experiences that are rarely observed from the typical resort experience around the world and has created Capture Tours, www.capturetours.com, which are premier all-Inclusive privately guided tours to fulfill that desire.

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