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Jomo KenyattaMarvel in the beauty of majestic and awe-inspiring landscapes and the unique people and animals that inhabit them through an artist's lens in Unseen Travels —a 13-episode series.

Jomo Kenyatta, and his team will take viewers to exotic destinations providing unique access to locations and experiences that average tourists rarely get to experience.

Jomo, an internationally renowned photographer invites you to experience the world with him as he travels, photographs, and explores Dominica, Cuba, Guyana, Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, and Malaysia. Shot in HD (high definition) Jomo captures images depicting the hidden beauty, and the “uncommon and rarely seen”. From majestic mountain ranges, to caves, teeming rainforests, to remote islands, and exotic cultural gatherings right on location.

During these journeys, Jomo shares his knowledge about the world around him and moves you with his curiosity and enthusiasm for places, cultures and history. Adventure travel at its best, the Unseen Travels Series provides insights into locations, groups and customs in various destinations that the average traveler, tourist or television viewer does not ordinarily see.  Jomo has the innate ability to make you feel as if you're right there with him.  

The Unseen Travels series is an educational, adventure travel program infused with professional photography.  Unseen Travels TV Series is produced by JK Productions, LLC in association with Inter Arts, Inc.

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