Exhibition Tour

“The Caribbean Unseen” is the title of the first exhibition tour which coincides with Season One of the Unseen Travels Series.

About “The Caribbean Unseen”
The Caribbean Unseen is a Multi-Media Visual Arts Tour Exhibition conceived by Jomo Kenyatta.

Its aim is to capture life as it really is, shows what the average traveler does not see, and shares through visual imagery the beauty and simplicity of Caribbean Culture in this dynamic region. The images and videos within the exhibition captured reveals some intrinsic and unspoken beauty of the regions vast Cultural, Geographical and Historical diversity.

The beginnings of ‘The Caribbean Unseen’ were displayed at The Consulate General of Jamaica in New York on February 20, 2002.

*International Exhibition Tour Itinerary – TBD

*Tentative U.S. Exhibition Tour Itinerary:
1) South Street Seaport – NYC
2) Mass Moca, (North Adams, MA) or a venue in Martha’s Vineyard, MA or both
3) Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Boston, Mass)
4) Philadelphia, Pa
5) Baltimore Harbor, Baltimore, MD
5) The shops @ Georgetown Park (Washington, D.C.)
6) Charlotte, NC
7) Atlanta, GA
8) New Orleans, LA
9) Orlando, Florida
10) Miami, Florida
11) Chicago, IL
12) Seattle, WA
13) San Francisco, CA
14) Santa Monica, CA

For more info visit: www.caribbeanunseen.com

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