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Jomo Kenyatta is a photographer, explorer and producer, who is known as PhotoJomo.
Jomo has an insatiable passion for visual imagery. He believes capturing imagery is one of the most powerful forms of expression and communication. His photographic interest began while in Middle School. He then became a yearbook photographer during High School and furthered his interest in college. Jomo became a finalist in his very first juried photo contest when he was 25 years old.

He believes photography is a powerful medium that has the potential to open dialogue and forge relationships. He’s most passionate about Travel and Fine Art photography where cultural differences and cultural exchanges are the most vivid and challenging. ‘We all see differently and have different experiences. Traveling and photography allows people to capture, preserve and share unique moments in time.” Jomo enjoys sharing his experiences through exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Kenyatta’s work has been showcased throughout the Northeast of the United States and has ambitious plans to showcase his work through an international tour exhibition.

His first major exhibition debuted at The Consulate General of Jamaica in Manhattan, New York in 2002. Most recognized for his work within and around the Caribbean region, Jomo Kenyatta is the visionary and founder of The Caribbean Unseen project,, which is a multi-media visual arts exhibition tour that highlights and preserves uncommon and rarely seen aspects of Caribbean history, geography, culture and lifestyle.

Jomo also has a strong desire to introduce people from all walks of life to the hidden beauty of locations, the uncommon and rarely seen aspects of everyday life, and the distinctly unique experiences that are rarely observed from the typical resort experience in destinations around the world.

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